Globalhints® Aiqa Health

Online platform offering multiple healthcare services. The platform enables users to access a range of healthcare services. It provides teleconsultation, medicine delivery, lab test booking, booking appointments with doctors, and other services.

Doctor on call

Unlimited Doctor Consultation for 4 people in the family

These services offer round-the-clock medical support and access to healthcare professionals through various means, such as phone calls, video consultations, or messaging platforms.

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₹ 500/- per day on hospitalization

If you're stating that hospitalization costs Rs 500 per day, it implies that the daily charge for staying in the hospital is Rs 500. This cost typically covers basic amenities and services provided by the hospital during the patient's stay.

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I.C.U. ₹ 1000/- per day

ICU charges typically cover the specialized medical care and monitoring provided to patients who require intensive medical attention due to severe illness, injury, or post-operative recovery.

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Aiqa Health Facilities

Rs 1 lakh on accidental death and disability
Funeral charge ₹ 5000/-
Get up to 23% discount on medicines and pathology tests.
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